Code of ethics

  All users who wish to access Ona’s platforms and engage in services agree to adhere to the following Code of Ethics. Failure to comply may result in suspension or termination of services.

Provide a foundation for expected behavior, promoting safety and mental comfort 
Better prepare users for success
Support Ona’s core values
Users must follow eligibility requirements in Ona’s Terms of Service and adhere to the following:
You must be 18 years of age or older to use Ona Services
You have the mental capacity to agree to the Terms of Services, this Code of Ethics, and contract with service providers for their services
Your legal marital status must be single, divorced, or widowed - you cannot be married. 
Must comply to perform a free criminal background check when inquired and subsequently be clear of any convicted criminal offenses or on any criminal watchlists. 

Users have the freedom to make decisions about the services received and require adequate information. Therefore, users are encouraged to gather relevant information in order to obtain clarification, develop appropriate expectations, and set achievable goals.  Users should understand all aspects of services offered, policies and procedures including but not limited to:
Service techniques and benefits 
Procedures and processes
Limitations and potential risks
Provider qualifications, credentials and relevant experience
Role of technology
Billing and Cancellation Policies
Users acknowledge that the utilization of Ona services does not guarantee specific outcomes, such as romantic success, marriage or other results.   Therefore it is important that users understand all potential results and develop reasonable expectations.  

As part of your use of Ona’s services, including your interaction with service providers, singles and any other person you interact or meet with through Ona, you agree to:

Provide information that is accurate
Treat people  with kindness and respect
Develop appropriate and reasonable expectations, within the scope of services 
Adhere to agreed appointments and all scheduling and cancellation policies
Report any suspicious activities misconduct, or violation encountered by users or providers
Keep all information provided through Ona services private and confidential

You agree not to:

Break any law 
Threaten, stalk, harass, or otherwise communicate or behave aggressively to anyone
Promote racism or hatred
Publish or share indecent content
Publish or share confidential content
Upload photos, video, or any other information of or about a person without their consent
Post content that otherwise violates the rights of any third party
Self promote, solicit money, spam, or engage in fraudulent activity
Create multiple accounts or provide false information

Ona service providers present with good intentions and are there for the user’s benefit.  Ona believes in relationships that involve mutual respect and understanding.   Therefore, in addition to the general code of conduct,  users must be aware of their own behavior when interacting with service providers, including but not limited to:
Seeking support in line with these principles, with no other purpose
Be willing to listen to both positive and negative feedback
Do not overly burden service providers via email, telephone, or any other means
Adhere to boundaries or additional agreements set forth by service providers

Ona singles have expressed their intent for meaningful, positive, dating experiences that are intended to lead to long term relationships and possibly, marriage.  Therefore, in addition to the general code of conduct, users must be further aware of their own intent and behavior when interacting with other singles, including but not limited to:

Seeking relationships in line with these principles, with no other purpose
Accepting any rejection maturely
Adhering to any other boundaries or guidelines you may agree to with the other single

Your personal safety and security is important to us.  In an effort to ensure safety while utilizing Ona services, users are encouraged to adhere to the following:
Be cautious about if and when to share personal contact information with other singles
Never share private financial information or send money to people you don’t know
Never share private personal information (e.g. SSN, passwords, etc.)
Report individuals who engage in any suspicious activity directly to Ona and your service provider
Follow guidelines set forth by your service provider when meeting for dates 
Stay sober and avoid any actions that may impair your personal judgement
If engaging in sexual activity, users must act responsibly and are encouraged to use safer sex practices; in all cases understanding, properly managing and agreeing to disclose (to any partners) their current STD status.