14 Ways To Distract Yourself & Ignore Valentine's Day

14 Ways To Distract Yourself & Ignore Valentine's Day

14 Ways To Distract Yourself & Ignore Valentine's Day

When you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, a bunch of sad and lonely thoughts can cross your mind. They can put you in a funk that's hard to get out of, even once February 14th is long gone. So whether you’re hopelessly in love with someone that doesn’t know you exist, your partner is busy with work or just doesn’t want to celebrate, or you just can’t be bothered with any sort of V-Day festivities, this list is for you.

Deflect cupid’s arrows flawlessly and forget what day it is with these 14 ideas…

  1. Veg out with a Movie Marathon. But try to avoid cable, as many channels have endless rom-com marathons that may make you want to cry and throw your bowl of junk food at the screen. Instead, stick with Netflix where you can pick all the horrors and documentaries your heart desires. Netflix’s new Drew Barrymore’s zombie comedy series is the perfect V-Day avoidance show, or throw it back to your childhood with Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Or better yet, keep it on the lighter side and watch Finding Dory.

  2. NYC singles events. There are tons of singles parties around the city to choose from, but if you want something even less V-Day related grab some single friends and go out for karaoke or bowling - both aren’t painfully romantic or even "Anti-Valentine's Day", they’re just pure fun.

  3. Work. It may not be flashy or fun necessarily, but why not take the day to focus on something super productive? It will certainly keep your mind off of the romance around you.

  4. Laugh. Head to a NYC comedy club like Gotham Comedy Club or The Stand. Sarcasm is always a great way to avoid your feelings. If you can’t be bothered to go out with people just watch some stand up on Netflix. There are tons to choose from like the hilarious Kevin Hart or Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show, not to mention Aziz Ansari’s show live at Madison Square Garden.

  5. Learn something new. Go on Youtube and watch a tutorial. Anything from a makeup look to changing a tire will surely occupy you. Something like this unique DIY Apple Swan might help to get you started. And throw a few cat videos in there and it’ll be 12:01 AM February 15th before you know it.

  6. Clean your house. Okay, this may not be very glamorous, but take a page out of Cinderella’s book and scrub the floor to forget your troubles. Crank some tunes and go nuts - purge your closet, organize your bedroom, clean the fridge. Being productive is better than wallowing in self-pity.

  7. Exercise. You may have already given up on that New Years Resolution to go to the gym, but there’s no reason you can’t try again now. Use Groupon to find a great deal at a gym near you and start getting fit!

  8. Get your errands done. Go to the bank, go grocery shopping, return that ugly sweater from that weird coworker that you’ll only get store credit for because you waited so long. Keep busy with stuff you probably had to do anyway and you won’t even realize what day it is until it's over.

  9. Cook. Try out some famous Pinterest recipes. Whether you want to stuff your face with Coffee Cake Donuts, try out Garlicky Baked Shrimp or take the healthy route with Quinoa Salad making a meal from scratch can take a while, plus it will be delicious.

  10. Start a new DIY project. Whether it's reupholstering a chair or painting your bedroom you won’t even be thinking about the V-word. Don’t know where to start? Explore the {DIY Network’s How-to page](http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to) or Instructables.com for project ideas from fun crafts and sewing to technology and home decor. They even offer contests with great prizes once you get into a groove with your DIYing.

  11. Volunteer. Search Volunteer.com to find a cause that you care about in your area and ignore your V-Day woes by helping someone else.

  12. Perk up a lonely friend. We all have that one neighbor, coworker, or aunt that is so sweet but also sort of lonely. Give them a call or even head on over with that Pinterest dish and spend some time with them.

  13. Get off social media. The best way to have Valentine’s Day forced down your throat is by going on Facebook or Instagram. You’re bound to see couple photos, stuffed teddy bears, and probably even a hand full of engagement rings. Instead read a book, the newspaper, or even do a puzzle. If you can’t help it then delete those apps for the day.

  14. Download Ona’s free app. And look forward to finding love again and next year you can focus on Valentine’s Day instead of avoiding it. Download for FREE here.

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