7 Ways To Plan An Awesome Date That Doesn’t Involve Alcohol

7 Ways To Plan An Awesome Date That Doesn’t Involve Alcohol

Dating should fun and full of promise, as it’s the chance to step outside your comfort zone and catch a few sparks with someone new. You should have butterflies, not knots, in your stomach, and while the traditional “go-to” date of dinner and drinks could help ease the jitters, it can also take away from the moment and prevent you from really connecting with your date on an intimate level. You can’t forget the dreaded “beer goggles” phenomenon!

Whether you simply don’t drink, want to avoid drinking too much (slurring your words or passing out in the bathroom doesn’t make a great impression), or just desire a more unique experience where you’re completely present, here are some thrilling ideas that will impress your date and increase your odds of scoring a second one. These 7 dating ideas complement different personalities and lifestyles, so you’ll have no problem finding something that peaks your interest.

For The Adventurer:

Whether you live near a hiking trail, an indoor rock-climbing wall at Steep Rock, or a national park, active dates enhance the bonding experience, establish trust and commonalities, and are totally fun. Plus, the endorphins from physical activity will boost your mood and sexual desire. So, get moving, work up a sweat, then grab a smoothie together or enjoy a romantic picnic outdoors.

For The Artist:

While it’s impossible to tire from a museum, as new exhibits are constantly popping up, getting your own hands dirty can be a welcomed change. Save a museum outing for your second or third date, and seize the opportunity to collaborate on an artistic piece together. Research your neighborhood for artistic activities, such as a pottery class or a painting studio.You can either show off your skills or bond over learning some new techniques together, judgment-free.

For The Competitor:

A little friendly competition between you and your date can definitely create a flirty vibe and boost attraction. Plan an afternoon of mini golf, bowling, or a trip to the batting cages. Whether you’re a skilled athlete or prefer sitting on the bench, use this moment to push yourself into new territories and have some fun. Dating allows you to open up and be more adventurous. Kick it up a notch with paintball at Indoor Extreme Sports (that type of competition is more your jam). Even if you lose, you’re still gaining a huge win.

For The Kid At Heart:

Just because you’re “adulting,” doesn’t mean you need to totally forgo childhood. In fact, getting in touch with your inner child can make you more creative and productive in life. Take a trip to Luna Park and Coney Island for a day filled with roller coasters, laughter, fear (in a good way), and lots of cotton candy. Mom won’t be there to yell at you! If you really want to impress your date, win him or her a stuffed animal from a claw machine – that’s true talent.

For The Foodie:

Whether you’re a master chef or can barely boil water, take your date to a cooking class at Brooklyn Kitchen to teach you both how to cook a meal. Not only will preparing a meal with your date bring you closer together, but you’ll also learn how to make a delicious new recipe, which will last you a lifetime.

For The Daredevil:

Escape The Room NYC a popular team-bonding activity, are totally exhilarating. If you’ve never heard of this, the gist is that you’re locked in a room and have an hour to search for clues that will allow you to escape. The mystery and fear aspect gets your adrenaline pumping and deepens the attraction and bond. Love can strike hard when you think you’re left with few seconds to breathe. One caveat: make sure your date isn’t claustrophobic.

For The Anti-Planner:

If you’re not a planner, but want to do something fun that’s in the moment – throw it back to those middle school dates. Go strolling and shopping like you would at a mall, grab a pretzel, play with the puppies at a pet store, stop for coffees, or sample as many different flavors of ice cream you can count. Keeping dates casual by walking around and engaging in whatever catches your eye can relieve some of the pressures of dating. The possibilities are endless, and you’re sure to feel like a love-struck teenager again.