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The Struggle is Real: Dating in America

How American Immigrants Face Additional Hurdles in Dating If you’ve been on dates, flirted with someone or downloaded a dating app, there’s a great chance you know just how confusing the dating scene is to navigate. There are rules, games and behaviors that can be so overwhelming, even within the boundaries of your own childhood town. Now imagine that chaos within a brand new country, having no prior exposure to the dating culture — daunting, isn’t it? But that's the everyday life of many immigrants in the United States. Thankfully Hunt Ethridge, an award-winning dating and relationship expert, is currently specializing in what he calls the immigrant experience. Recently, he sat down with Ona to talk about the challenges many American immigrants face when

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The Rules For Talking About Your Ex: When It’s Ok & When To Avoid It

The Rules For Talking About Your Ex: When It’s Ok & When To Avoid It It’s pretty safe to say that talking about an ex on a first date is a major red flag. When trying to get to know someone, a biography of an ex can be a turn-off, and you might assume that your date isn’t quite ready to move on. The end of any relationship is bound to come with hardships, and it might seem natural to go for a rebound, but those are less likely to develop long-term relationships and can create a negative environment. No ex leaves your life without making an impact on your journey moving forward, even if the agreement was mutual or by your own

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14 Ways To Distract Yourself & Ignore Valentine's Day

14 Ways To Distract Yourself & Ignore Valentine's Day When you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, a bunch of sad and lonely thoughts can cross your mind. They can put you in a funk that's hard to get out of, even once February 14th is long gone. So whether you’re hopelessly in love with someone that doesn’t know you exist, your partner is busy with work or just doesn’t want to celebrate, or you just can’t be bothered with any sort of V-Day festivities, this list is for you. Deflect cupid’s arrows flawlessly and forget what day it is with these 14 ideas… Veg out with a Movie Marathon. But try to avoid cable, as many channels have endless rom-com

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