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The Rules For Talking About Your Ex: When It’s Ok & When To Avoid It

The Rules For Talking About Your Ex: When It’s Ok & When To Avoid It It’s pretty safe to say that talking about an ex on a first date is a major red flag. When trying to get to know someone, a biography of an ex can be a turn-off, and you might assume that your date isn’t quite ready to move on. The end of any relationship is bound to come with hardships, and it might seem natural to go for a rebound, but those are less likely to develop long-term relationships and can create a negative environment. No ex leaves your life without making an impact on your journey moving forward, even if the agreement was mutual or by your own

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How Ghosting Is A Real Problem & Why It Needs To Stop

For those who don’t know, ghosting on a date is the act of suddenly terminating all communication with someone without providing an explanation. Yes, it’s just as devastating as it sounds. Regardless of the blatant level of disrespect, it continues to happen everyday. In recent years, especially among the millennial crowd, it’s actually become quite the phenomenon; one could even call it an epidemic. Today’s dating world may very well be less formal and chivalrous than in the past, but there’s a real difference between keeping dates casual and bailing when things start to get more serious. Informal dates can be incredibly fun and help keep the pressure off, but flaking on someone solely leads to frustration and heartbreak. With the

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