Using YouTube to Effectively Promote Your Company

While great content is always to be found, it is also extremely important to be active about educating potential and current customers of your brand and reaching out to those who are not familiar with your company and its offerings. Advertisers, too, are increasingly putting their marketing dollars into social media as a means of reaching their target audience. In this light, running a series of YouTube ads for your company is one way to ensure that more of your target demographic sees the content you have created. Here are four important benefits to implementing this strategy.

youtube ads

First, you can actually increase conversion rates for your website by taking advantage of the increased awareness that viewers of YouTube will have about your products or services. Depending on which ad format you opt for (either top or bottom or even both sides), you can customize your ads based on the number of people who will see them. For instance, you can advertise TrueView ads where only existing customers will see them, or you can advertise Banners, where anyone who views your YouTube ads will have the chance to opt in to your mailing list. This ensures that your current customer base receives a continual stream of updates, which in turn can result in a higher level of brand awareness than you would receive from simply placing a single cookie-cutter preroll ad on your website.

Second, having payroll ads running is a highly cost effective manner of promoting your company. Rather than spending significant sums on expensive pay per click campaigns or search engine optimization, you can distribute your targeted customer information through the medium of YouTube advertising at a cost that is comparable to, if not cheaper than, any other form of paid promotion. And if you choose, you can run as many preroll YouTube ads as you’d like, which allows you to maximize the amount of time you spend communicating with current and potential customers. For instance, if you choose to run two YouTube ads per page, you can communicate to more viewers, resulting in a higher level of overall visibility. And by showing people who are already interested in what you’re offering how they can subscribe to your mailing list, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of future interactions.

Third, YouTube offers unparalleled exposure to your product. Compared to traditional forms of promotion, such as television commercials or newspaper advertisements, YouTube offers a significantly larger population a chance to view your product samples or product demonstrations. Additionally, compared to other forms of marketing, YouTube offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage potential customers in real-time. By allowing your current and potential customers to create videos about your products, you can reach millions of individuals instantly. In fact, studies show that one of the most effective ways to attract new customers to your business is to create video advertisements and to distribute them on YouTube.

But YouTube doesn’t just offer an unparalleled opportunity to reach an unlimited number of viewers. YouTube also offers unique advantages when it comes to advertising, such as its frequency capping system. With the frequency capping system, YouTube allows your advertisements to only appear on the most popular videos, which means that your message is only seen by your targeted audience. YouTube is also particularly effective for short and direct messages, as it lets viewers direct their conversations toward your ads, rather than a more general call to action. And, unlike television, YouTube offers a much more personalized way to interact with your target audience. Because YouTube viewers are able to create YouTube channels, they are much more likely to feel personally attached to your brand, and this can translate into increased customer loyalty.

Videos are also exceptionally well received by search engines. Google’s keyword and search engine research center can provide a wealth of information about videos. Because YouTube is regularly ranked among the most visited search engines on the internet, and receives over 1 billion visitors per month, you can greatly benefit from enhanced search engine results. Because YouTube offers a greater opportunity to reach viewers at various different points throughout the day and across various geographies, you can take advantage of this to promote your products. As part of advanced advertising solutions, advanced video discovery ads allow you to choose a targeted video and also include relevant context-based web content to increase the odds that a video viewed by one user will be shared with friends, who in turn share the video with their network.

Finally, YouTube offers a deeper connection to your customers than other forms of online advertising campaigns. Because YouTube is primarily a visual medium, users are more likely to engage and respond to your ads. Additionally, the increased exposure given by an image ad within a video ad improves the overall effectiveness of your image and video marketing campaign. YouTube offers an accelerated delivery solution that can help your image or video ad campaign to get noticed.

In summary, YouTube offers a variety of platforms to help you maximize your advertising opportunities. You can easily create your own ads using the Ad Manager, choose which ad types to use in your first campaign, and enhance your ads with enhanced search engine results and immediate image and video-sharing capabilities. Combined with the best video advertising services and technologies available today, YouTube ads give you the opportunity to take your business to the next level.